About Me

Mistress Lola

" A dominant femme fatale, fetishist and sadist "

Wickedly beautiful and mercilessly deviant...

With My  mesmerizing and seductive smile I will bring you on your knees with ease, begging Me for mercy.


The pure joy I feel when you’re suffering in My honor is enough to push any boundaries.

Controlling your very being is what I crave the most.


I will bring you to that place you’ve desired for so long...

A place where, deep in your heart you know you belong – completely surrendered and under My control. 

Where I will pry and explore those deep, hidden, perverted parts of your wildest imagination.


I will be the safe place where your forbidden fantasies and darkest desires come to life.

A momentary escape from the every day pressures of society, so that you can be your whole self.


I love to use and abuse you whenever I want to.

I will explore and push your boundaries.

I will tease, abuse and humiliate you.


If you dare to enter my world...

And so it begins:

You have left your world and have entered Mine

Where you are My instrument and I will make you sing a song of sweet desire and despair